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Unveiling the Price Tag of your Metal Stud Framed Home

Disclaimer on the use of metal stud framing cost estimator

This cost estimator is exclusively build for metal stud framing homes. The metal studs and joists are assumed to be spaced 0.6 m apart in the framing. An average metal stud weight of 17.8 kg/ft is used representing a US metal stud section of 600S162-68. An average metal joist weight of 35.36 kg/ft is used representing the US metal C section of 1200S162-97.

Unit costs used in metal stud framing calculator

 metal stud framing cost estimator
  • Average metal stud price taken as $3 per linear foot (Materials only. Not including delivery or installation)
  • Typical insulation cost EPS or XPS for external walls or Fiberglass batts or spray foam taken as $3
  • Labor cost for metal stud framing installation per sq.ft is taken as $10. It depends on the location and contractor used for project. Form more detailed estimates, get in touch with us.
  • Dry wall material cost are taken as $0.8 per sq. ft.
  • Hanging and finishing up the drywalls is estimated aground $1.5 per sq. ft.
  • An average 10 doors and 15 windows per floor are assumed with each door costing around $1000 and window priced as $500.
  • Plumbing costs for new metal homes is estimated around $5 per sq. ft, while the average cost to wire a new house is taken as average $7 per sq.ft.

What does this cost estimate does not include?

Normally, metal stud framing homes are built on concrete foundation. That is not included in this estimate. A steel framing base has be assumed for the estimation purposes. Site permit and inspection charges and Water & Sewer Fees are also not included, as they could vary a lot from location to location. Similarly, cost for foundation is also not included as they are highly site dependent. These costs could be very high for challenging site and could be negligible for sites that are plain, accessible and already planned. HVAC, paint, and furnishing costs are also skipped as the choice of system is highly user dependent.

How accurate is this calculator?

It is pretty accurate. And you can test it yourself. An average US home is sized around 2200 sq.ft. With that number in mind, if you take the length and width of your home to be 50×44 ft with two floors, our calculator gives you a number of 238,891 $ which is quite close to estimates of NAHB ($237,760) for an average US metal framed home.

Need more detailed estimates??

Do you need more detailed estimates or even a bill of quantities, get in touch with me here. I will be happy to assist you. I also offer structural design services for metal stud framing, so you can also count on me for that.

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