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Steel structure behavior’s and performance, including corrosion, life cycle and sustainability evaluation of steel structures, hot-rolled steel, cold-formed steel, stainless steel, high-strength steel, welded joints, steel rebars, and any other relevant issues.

Globally, the steel building business is growing rapidly. To construct up safe and seismically resistant structures, the new steel projects need skilled steel structural engineers. Students and engineers will be able to create design projects that adhere to the client’s requirement, in-depth structural examination, and more extensive contextual concerns thanks to our steel design blogs and postings

I provide structural engineering services for structures ranging from new building structural design to expansions and modifications. This comprises existing building structural analyses, construction, and special inspection services. My background includes design of office and residential structures, as well as medical, governmental, religious, and commercial/retail facilities.

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Steel buildings are resilient, robust, and adaptable. Steel offers owners, architects, engineers, building authorities, and contractors affordable, reliable, and sustainable design alternatives. Its advantages include simplicity in prefabrication and mass manufacturing, uniform quality, lightweight designs, cost effectiveness in handling and shipping, and speedy and straightforward erection or installation.

Steel is the most recyclable material on Earth and is environmentally friendly. It offers residents long-term safety benefits due to its noncombustible nature. Additionally, it functions effectively during extreme occurrences like storms and earthquakes. Picking steel for your project makes sense for a variety of reasons.

All the information on this platform is based on latest state of knowledge in Steel buildings. The design of steel structures is explained using the latest edition of North American and European codes of practice. Design consultancy services are offered for steel projects located in North America, Europe, Singapore, Middle east and Australia